What is Inner Judaism?

What is Inner Judaism?

Inner Judaism reflects my orientation to Judaism - personal, meaningful, and spiritual. My posts tend to be rich with references from Jewish texts, hasidic teachings, mindfulness practices, and tools developed from the Mussar orientation to character and spiritual growth.

Some of us are still clinging to a Judaism that does not offer enough spiritual depth. Others have experienced it and are seeking more.

Inner Judaism is a unique spiritual newsletter available for subscribers. My website, innerjudaism.com, describes my work, the courses I develop for adults, and has links to my podcasts and blog. Inner Judaism is a platform that offers inspiration through newsletters, courses, and podcasts.

My purpose is to provide a path for you to:

  • Understand Judaism’s deeper and spiritual meaning by learning modern interpretations of ancient texts

  • Experience meditation and mindfulness exercises

  • Interact with the material I provide

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You will receive inspirational teachings on a regular basis, never miss an update, and you will feel uplifted and more spiritually fulfilled. In addition, your vote of confidence in my work encourages me to continue writing and doing the work I do.

Please Join Me.

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I founded Inner Judaism [ www.innerjudaism.com] to support people in connecting with Judaism in a meaningful way. My interest is in sharing my experience with spirituality, mindfulness, and Mussar through my writings, courses, and podcast.